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Is this you??

You have been eating REALLY healthily

You eliminated pretty much everything - meat, dairy.. you barely eat any carbs, your IBS is triggered if you eat certain veggies or grains..

Every time you eat, it hurts.. Your toilet visits are painful and unpleasant..

you tried supplements and they only helped a little..

You are desperate to find a solution that isn't pharmaceuticals!!

How about this?

Your fibromyalgia pain is getting worse all the time

You can barely walk up the stairs, let alone go for long walks with your family

Your quality of life is clouded by aches and pains and restrictions

These are just two small examples of how living with chronic illness looks like. Chronic illnesses are very common and they start due to a complex set of factors, but one is common to all: inflammation! So if you struggle with heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD, colitis, ezcema, polycistic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and many other!

You want to put the end to it, right??

If you find yourself in this, join our B.A.D. Academy for 90 days and benefit from my twice award-winning coaching!

B.A.D. Academy is about being Balanced. Authentic. Deserving

  • 6 months access to private Member portal

  •  Weekly action points and homework for optimal success

  • Exclusive discounts on supplements

  • 90 day Health planner

  • Personalised supplements kit

  • 2 power hours every month

  • Daily food diary check and personalised feedback


    £500/month for 6 months

    Here’s how it works

    Our program was created to get you the best results, in the shortest period of time

    Weeks 1-4: BALANCED

    Being Balanced is at the core of what we do. As a scientist, a mother and entrepreneur myself, I know balance is a journey and not a destination. The aim of this module is for YOU to master the balance in your daily Nutrition, balance in your exercise schedule and balance in your mindset. Balance means something different to each individual. This is why Balanced module comes with some general information, accompanied with Dr Monika's personal follow up. This hybrid approach enables you to achieve true balance, and keep perfecting it throughout the 90 days.

    Week 5-8: Authentic

    What does being Authentic mean? We as w omen are culturally predisposed on taking over roles. Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Mum, employee, entrepreneur... Where is space for YOU? Where is space to discover who you truly are? Your authentic self? Being authentic means that you act in ways that show your true self and how you feel. Rather than showing people only a particular side of yourself, you express your whole self genuinely. That means to succeed in being authentic, you first have to know who your true self actually is. In this module we will dive deep and discover our core. You may discover the courage of your convictions, and want to burst forward with passion to accomplish some worthy goal that moves you deeply enough to champion some particular sort of positive change.

    Week 9-12: Deserving

    In the final Module, we will focus on being Deserving. This is my favourite module as it merges Balance, Authenticity and shows you how to live a life of purpose and passion. Here we explore how you can lead a healthy life and still eat cake for breakfast. We learn that life does not need to have limitations, if you know how to utilise the opportunities in your way.. Your health can be protected. Your wealth can be created. Your future can be the future of your dreams. So let's move them obstacles together and become truly Deserving.

    B.A.D. Academy has taken the idea of weight loss and transformed it into a wholesome lifestyle change for women who are READY to make a change!

    Led by Dr Monika, B.A.D. Academy thrives on science-based approach to nutrition, mindset shifts, and exercises everyone can do! With the help of the B.A.D. community, women of UK (and some international ones too!) achieved a significantly higher quality of life. Fibromyalgia sufferer now needs to take fewer pharmaceuticals and is in less pain! Burned out mother managed to nourish herself into more energy, better mental health and consequently saved her marriage! A mother with severe anxiety left the house with her toddler for the first time without any supervision! A student who struggled with her focus, mental health, and life in general, got the guidance and support needed and is now thriving.

    B.A.D. Academy isn't a weight-loss programme. It's a programme providing women with an opportunity for a better life! A whooping 70% of illnesses are nutrition-related, so we decided to educate, support, and motivate the driving factor of our community - women.

    When a woman starts taking care of herself, she will thrive in many ways. This consequently allows her to create a better quality of life for herself, her family, and the community. We are creating a movement of B.A.D. mums - Balanced. Authentic. Deserving. The impact B.A.D. Academy has on the community is overwhelming. We cater to everyone from accessible family-friendly bootcamps to nutrition workshops, gatherings, baking workshops, and online courses! We are also highly diverse. As a board director at Dundee International Women's centre, Dr Monika always strives towards women empowerment and education. It is in our mission to support women until they feel strong and empowered enough to create their own version of a life worth living!

    Why join B.A.D. Academy?

     Really starting to feel good about dieting and eating properly rather than starving myself. Liking the shakes a lot better than I expected also.

    Caitlin Boyce

     Today was a good day from when i got up i didn’t feel i needed to eat. I followed the plan all day and my daily steps have even increased due to me feeling more energetic. I'm amazed today and I've lost 4 lbs. Thank you

    Charlotte Sheen

    Day 4 and I feel AMAZING with the advice around eating and the stretches and workout I am feeling amazing!

    Jade Evans

    I am loving this healthier life it gives me more energy and feel better in myself. thank you i am loving the foods. feel fuller for longer now.

    Terrie Oneill

    I'm really beginning to notice now that i'm not getting hungry but i'm still eating the plan set. The difference in my energy levels is amazing i feel like a new woman and i can't wait to continue

    Charlotte Sheen

    Everyday i just feel better and better. Monika is amazing with advice and ideas. I've supplemented my nutrition based on Monika's advice and had an amazing week so far. I’ve learned a lot this week from Monika and how you can really have a healthy happy life style no matter your circumstances. Thank you

    Jade Leigh

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